Got a Question? Is it one of these below?


Who can use this form to vote?

Only the validated ballots submitted from CBMA Members will be counted for the awards tally this year.

How do you know my ballot is valid?

You should have received an email or card with your member id and secret code. These 2 numbers will be included with your ballot to validate it for this year’s total.

How do I get my Secret Code?

You should have received an email with the Member ID and Secret Code. If you did not get this email use th button below to request another email.

What if I mess up on my ballot?

You can vote again. Your last valid ballot will be the only one that counts in this year’s totals.

What is the Deadline to Vote?

You must submit your vote by midnight October 14th. We ask “Why wait?” Go ahead and vote today and get it completed.

Should I send a Paper Ballot in via mail?

Only if you have problems with the online voting process. Please do not send your ballot in via mail if you have already voted online. They will not count twice.

How can I get a Paper Ballot?

We ask that you vote online if at all possible, but if you have a problem with the online voting you can submit a paper ballot. Please contact us at 843-280-9000 and we will make sure you get a paper ballot to send in via mail.

How do I know this is Legit?

Every ballot is automatically submitted to Michael Teal CPA via email. He will validate all ballots with the member ID and secret code to confirm the totals that will be used to determine the winners this year.